We are

Founded by two best pals, Mikys Store stakes its reputation on being a resource for the savvy online shopper Authenticity and the importance of sourcing from trustworthy origins, is everything to us. 

Highest dedication to keeping you looking awesome!

A considered search for product from around the world, to give you a collective blend of style, quality and variety. What says more about who you are and where you are going than the clothes you choose to wear? Mikys helps you find and communicate your personal style.

Coupled with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, this new kid on the block looks forward to rock your style!

Our Commitment

At Mikys, we strongly believe in social entrepreneurship and we are currently working on ways to give back to the society. A percentage of our sales will go towards unique projects with an aim to make a difference in the world in our own little way. We reckon we shouldn’t have to choose between looking good and giving to a cause.